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22.10.2010 17:51


Nasledujici radky pojednavaji o zachrane jednoho autobusu. Jsou prevzaty ze stanek Cobham Bus Museum a proto jsou v originale. Snad to nebude tak velky problem. Autobusu stejneho typu [RT] je zachraneno spousta. Tento byl vyjimecny tim ze byl vlastne uplne prvnim vyrobenym kusem. Nasledovala serie cca 7000 vozu a potom dalsi vylepsene typy [RM]. Jeho historie a "zivotni" pout se da vysledovat na internetu. Bylo by zbytecne ji znovu prepisovat. V zaverecne fazi byl renovovan soukromym vlastnikem a deponovan v Cobham Bus Museum. Po urcite dobe se majitel rozhodl ze vozidlo odproda. Velice realne hrozil prodej mimo uzemi U.K. V teto situaci probehlo jednani jehoz vysledkem byla rocni lhuta odkladu a stanovena cena pro Cobham Bus Muzeum. Celou situaci jsem zacal sledovat v lete 2009. Po zkusenostech z Brna s presvedcenim ze situace je pomerne jednoznacna. Castka kterou spolek dobrovolnych pracovniku mel zajistit neni totiz ani na mistni pomery mala. A jak to dopadlo na jare roku 2010? O tom uz jsou nasledujici radky.

RT1 as restored to all its original 1939 glory

Photo: Graham Smith


Helen of Troy, or her face, may have launched a thousand ships but in 1939, RT1, considered by many to be London’s most famous bus, launched nearly 7,000 buses of its type. And a year ago, at Cobham Bus Museum’s Spring Gathering, there was another launch - this time it was to save RT1 from disappearing abroad again after its very extensive and costly restoration. Ł150,000 was needed to secure the vehicle for Cobham Bus Museum and its owner generously gave the trustees 12 months in which to raise the funds.

Thanks to the support of many hundreds of individuals and organisations, the RT1 Appeal has been a complete success with the magic figure being reached just before the end of March this year. Donations have poured in, and not just from this country but also from Argentina to Australia and Germany to the USA. A notable feature is that this iconic bus, and the idea of saving it for posterity, has appealed not just to the enthusiast fraternity but also to the wider public whose imagination has been captured by this attractively-designed symbol of London.

Cobham’s fundraising trustee Michael Wickham said "the Museum’s trustees are delighted that their decision to launch this appeal has been vindicated. Never before has such a large sum been raised for a bus by general subscription and we are confident that RT1, with its wonderful lines and historical importance, will be a popular centre-piece in Cobham’s new London Bus Museum, scheduled to open at Brooklands early in 2011".

All supporters of the Appeal will be invited to a special celebration later in the year but a special mention should be made of Ian Allan Publishing and the editors and staff of Buses, Bus & Coach Preservation and Classic Bus magazines, who are all strong supporters of Cobham and, without whose assistance, the response to the Appeal would not have been nearly so good.

Many individuals have been involved in a number of previous rescues of RT1 over the decades - the late Prince Marshall, Michael Dryhurst, Peter Gomm, the late James Stirling and Mike Selt immediately come to mind - but now, in the words of the traditional sea shanty:

A rovin', a rovin',
Since rovin's been my ru-i-in,
I'll go no more a roving
With you fair maid!

There’ll be no more rovin’ for this fair maid - RT1 has come home and her future is finally secure.


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